Kurz und knapp - Der Jahresrückblick 2021

Album des Jahres

  1. Volbeat – Servent of the Mind
  2. Thron – Pilgrim
  3. Space Chaser – Give us Life
  4. Iotunn – Access all Worlds
  5. Marianas Rest – Fata Morgana
  6. Helloween - Helloween
  7. Asphyx – Necrceros
  8. Bonded – Into Blackness
  9. Evile- Hell Unleashed
  10. Paradox – Heresy II – End of a Legend

Was mir 2021 noch die Ohrmuschel umschmeichelte

Long Distance Calling (EP) - Ghost
Nervosa – Perpetual Chaos
Orden Ogan – Final Days
Baest – Necro Sapiens
Enforced – Kill Grid
Burning Witches – The Witch oft he North
The Very End - Zeitgeist
Dee Snider – Leave a Scar
Brainstorm – Wall of Skulls
Blood Red Throne – Imperial Congregation
Trivium – In the Court of the Dragon
U.D.O. – Game Over
Kryptos – Force of Danger
Aeon – God ends here
Organic – Where Graves abound
Be’Lakor – Coherence
Mastodon – Hushed and Grim
Der Weg einer Freiheit – Noktvrn
Abba – Voyage
Powerwolf – Call oft he Wild
Artillery – X
Alice Cooper – Detroit Stories
Motorjesus – Hellbreaker
Epica – Omega
KK’s Priest – Sermons oft he Sinner
Tribulation – Where the Gloom becomes
Gojira – Fortitude
The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic II
Harakiri fort he Sky – Maere
Carcass – Torn Arteries
Iron Maiden – Senjutsu
Angelus Apatrida – Angelus Apatrida
Endseeker – Mount Carcass
Cannibal Corpse – Violence Unimagined
Flotsam & Jetsam – Blood in the Water
Hypocrisy - Worship
Exodus – Persona non Grata
Behemoth – In Absentia Dei

Mein Fundstück des Jahres

Motorjesus - Hellbreaker
Agrypnie - Metamorphosis
Der Weg einer Freiheit – Noktvrn

Konzerte des Jahres


Überraschung des Jahres

Alice Cooper – Detroit Stories
Evanescence – The Bitter Truth
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – The Divine Horsemen
Rage – Resurrection Day
Whitechapel - Kin

Langweiler des Jahres

Accept – Too mean to Die
Memoriam – To the End
The Offspring – Let the Bad times Roll
At the Gates – The Nightmare of Being
Cradle of Filth – Existence is Futile
ExDeo – The Thirteen Years of Nero
Massacre - Resurgence
Limp Bizkit – Still Sucks

Album der Woche

Album des Monats

Album des Jahres

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